Rurouni Kenshin

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What can I say about this series? The wandering swordsman, Himura Kenshin, comes to Tokyo and takes up residence at Kamiya Kaoru's dojo, befriending the young Myojin Yahiko and the former fighter-for-hire Sagara Sanosuke. But for me, it's the second arc of the anime and manga that the story picks up, known as the Kyoto Arc. There, a more complex element comes into the story as a large cast tells a story where Japan itself is in the balance!

This is the series where I'm hoping to assemble a number of my favorites - not just maybe a few special cels of Saitou-san (*love*) but so many of the others that I'm fond of. ^__^

 Saitou Hajime: Shinsengumi

 Eyes of a Wolf


 Shinsengumi: Saitou and Okita

 The Score Will Be Settled Some Other Day

 Saitou vs. Usui: Chuckles

 Okita Souji

 The Strength of Eiji

 Action Misao!






 Yahiko vs. Yutaro!

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