Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo

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Kindaichi Hajime is a slacker at school, but he's really a genius, and the grandson of a famous detective, Kindaichi Kousuke. Only his childhood friend, Miyuki, believes in him until he solves a case that nobody else can - even the police! With support from Inspector Kenmochi (and antagonized by Detective Akechi!) Hajime is able to solve murder mysteries that nobody else can...

Based on the manga series, the anime ran from 1997-2000. I've honestly not seen a lot of the anime - it's not been licensed for the US (and I doubt it ever will be), and it's been sporadically fansubbed. However, the manga was one of the first ones I read when I got back into anime/manga a couple of years back. I don't normally do mystery stories but the characters really sold it for me, so I'm very happy to be finding cels for this series. :)

 Kindaichi Hajime on the case

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