Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken

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Yokai, or monsters, exist in an alterate reality Kyoto where they can live freely with humans. Kondou Yuuko, Okita Kaoru and Hijikata Toshie form the Kidou Shinsengumi Co Ltd, and they track down unlicensed yokai, even against those that would stand against them. Too bad that there's always someone to owe money to...

This take on the daughters of original Shinsengumi members was first developed as a video game, with the creator of Sakura Wars behind this game as well. And if those character designs have... familliar lines, you have a good eye! Rumiko Takahasi (Inuyasha, Ranma) did the character designs. All of this combines with a fun take on the Shinsengumi story. And I've not even mentioned Nekomaru yet... ;)

 Kondou Yuuko I

 Okita Kaoru

 Hijikata Toshie: Lady in Battle!

 Hijikata Toshie

 Hijikata Toshie: In Action!


 Hijikata Toshie

 Hijikata Toshie in Helicopter Mode I

 Hijikata Toshie in Helicopter Mode II

 Kaoru Okita

 Okita Kaoru: Makoto!

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