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last modified: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 (9:08:47 PM CST)
Are "unsolicited offers" that odious? I've never had one, so I wonder about those who claim to be besieged by them. If I got one, I'd be flattered. Probably would turn you down *smiles*... but I would let you know. And I'm sure, knowing the nature of people and how they behave online, that a tiny fraction of people have the potential to be jerks. But most aren't. And yeah, some will ask for very silly things, like a payment plan of $1 a week for the next 20 years. I really doubt that to be the majority of the case, or even a -significant- minority. And yes, there are flakes, with whom you will strike a deal and then they back out. Does that mean that all potential purchasers are flakes too, and should just be ignored?

Try it. Type it out. "Thank you, but no." Four words. One don't have to write a novel. There's no need to explain yourself, that selling your cels would be like cutting off your arm, or how terrible the price is they offered. It's about being considerate enough to say something, anything. Do you -have- to? Goodness no. But it's a matter of -should-.

Even a "silly lowball" offer, if made sincerely, is worth a moment of of time to say, "thank you, but no." Maybe they're new. Weren't we all once? An offer is not meant to be offensive. It's not an insult to you, what you paid for it, your collecting skills, or your mom.

I've seen a lot of offer periods these days. (Some days it seems like -everyone's- jumping ship! Haha...) A little consideration is needed by the seller, as well. If it's about waiting on multiple offers to sell to the best one, then I believe it's -only- polite to answer back, "Thanks, I'm considering your offer. I will get back to you on --.", or state in your terms, "will answer back yes or no by ---." Wouldn't it be frustrating if you were waiting to hear on an offer for one cel you really love and -then- another cel pops up on auction or a dealer site and you have to move on it, but you -may- have a deal going on elsewhere? I've seen that happen. It's frustrating beyond all reason, and can be heart-wrenching. Bird in the hand or whatever -might- decide to come out of the bush in a month? Go for what you -know- you can have, only to have the one you offered on finally answer with a yes? Then you have the consequences if you have to turn that one down...

If selling cels is that tough that it takes -weeks- to decide if they're really for sale, then maybe they shouldn't be up for sale. I understand that people sell because of things going onů but then set a price. Or eBay it, whatever - you're going to do it, do it. Otherwise, find some other way to sell to raise cash.

I suppose that I shouldn't be as dismayed as I am about this. But it's really hard to shake, even against the other dramas that flare up.

Cels are a hobby for most of us. Hobbies should be FUN! It's too bad, though, that other people have the ability to really ruin your fun with something as simple as being inconsiderate. Next time you ignore someone, stall someone... just ask yourself... is this how -I- would want to be treated? Consideration... it may be you waiting for that reply someday.
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last modified: Sunday, February 25, 2007 (7:22:07 PM CST)
I made my initial gallery banner back before I even opened the gallery and really, before I even had more than a couple of cels. The images there were a sort of wishlist, not all of them were sparkly-eyed dreamers. LOL

This week I finally got a Kodocha cel (why is it so hard to find them, to say nothing of -nice- ones), but looking at my gallery, I thought that some of these unexpected ones weren't represented, so they've been added. :)

-Hajime no Ippo: Boxing? -BOXING-? What did you say? The most I knew about boxing was that the man who made the grill in my kitchen was once one. But Kizu showed it to me last fall and I was hooked! I found that I didn't have to be all into boxing to enjoy the story and the characters.

-You're Under Arrest - I've known about this title for a long time, and dismissed it as one of those fanservice shows that hold no appeal to me. But again a big thanks to Kizu, it's a long favorite of hers and I found out how delightfully wacky and sometimes -sweet- the series is, despite how it may have been marketed. It shows me that first impressions are sometimes wrong!

-Millennium Actress - Besides HNI, the largest collection I have, and one that's -dear- to me. I bought the DVD almost as an afterthought during the fall DDD sale, then when I watched it... wow. It's a moving story and has beautiful art and the visuals of Chiyoko's quest for love across Japanese history... well it makes for a very addictive collecting quest.

Of course, the rest in my banner on my wishlist are there to find and add one day... but sometimes in this hobby it's really the unexpected that sneaks up and surprises you. :)
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last modified: Friday, February 16, 2007 (11:25:43 PM CST)
I'm a quiet member of this community but it doesn't mean that I'm not watching. There's a lot of things that annoy me about the cel collecting community, and some things I like.

And then there's the ones that are just -perplexing-.

I know everyone has their own personal situations, but I don't understand it when collectors buy a "wishlist" cel, pimp it all over the place, and then turn around and sell it months, weeks later.

Why even bother?

If you think this is about you or one of your friends, sorry. *shrugs* I've seen this happen many times.
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The One That Got Away
last modified: Sunday, January 07, 2007 (11:44:33 PM CST)
Dear Dream Cel:

I watched you for so long. Every day, sometimes two, three times, I would come to the dealers site and look at you. Imagine how I would frame you, how you would be the jewel of my collection, a beautiful cel of a character I absolutely LOVE. In the short time since I started collecting cels, I knew you would be special to me.

The dealer's site said, no lay-a-ways, no deposits, no holds. To be honest, dear cel, you were on the expensive side, and more than I could afford within my normal budget. So I saved, but mostly I was waiting on an annual windfall that would occur in a couple of weeks. You had been there so long, I thought that you would be there until the time came for me to bring you "home". Even though I wondered if others coveted you, I though, no, it's fine... it will be mine.

Perhaps a wiser person would have remained detached. Wouldn't have cared so much, have taken it so personally. But to me, this hobby, so expensive and requiring so much dedication to stay on top of everything, requires that there be love. At least, I hope it's love that drives people, because it certainly does me in this hobby.

So dear cel, wherever you are now... I hope you have a good home. That your new caretaker will scan you well, figure out what episode you're from, appreciate and take care of you. Even if I find another one of the same guy, you'll still be...

The one that got away.

Best Regards,


Yeah... I'm writing a love letter to a cel. Maybe it makes the "oh no, I didn't get it!" whine more interesting. LOL A friend said it was better to get it out, so here I am. And no, I'd rather not say which cel, what series or who it was...
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